The Law Offices of Campion & Campion have been battling for those accused for well over 30 years, with great success. We have represented many accused in difficult high profile cases, i.e., trial for accused murder of a federal judge; trial for accused racketeering by a U.S. Congressman; trial for accused corruption against police union officials, etc. Our experience and hard work have produced results that speak for themselves. Not Guilty verdicts in Federal and State Courts in trials for murder, aggravated assault, robery, sexual assault, racketeering, fraud, theft, drug cases, weapons cases, DWI's, misdemeanors, etc. See HERE.


Our chief focus is always on our client. We believe that personal interaction and clear communication is the only way to meet your goals and win your case.

The key to a successful resolution of your case is seeking a qualified Law Firm. We are a Law Firm you can trust. We handle all types of Criminal law cases. All of the attorneys in our Law Firm have exemplary records with the Texas State Bar. Your attorney from our Law Firm will qualify by showing that he has extensive experience, tested ability, and a track record of proven successes in handling your type of case. Your success in the outcome of your case is not going to be a matter of luck, but a predestined inevitability. It is as simple is this. The RIGHT CHOICE = The RIGHT OUTCOME. Needless to say, depending on the case, the stakes can be quite high. You do not need a lawyer to lose your case, you need a lawyer to win it. So, come to the Law Firm of Campion & Campion with the SUCCESS STORIES, not to a law firm with the FAILURES. There is an old quote, often said, that goes like this. Success speaks for itself, only a failure requires an explanation. Here at Campion & Campion we let our success stories speak for themselves, and we leave the explanations of failures up to those outside of our Law Firm to explain them away to their clients.

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