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Speed and accessibility!

The law firm of Campion & Campion is for all of you who want a law firm that speedily solves your bailbond need in the best cost-effective way possible. You can't afford to wait indefinitely on a slow llaw firm or bondsman for "maybe" solutions...time is money to you and Campion & Campion pledges to value and not waste your time by solving your bailbond problems quickly and efficiently.

General Bailbonds in San Antonio, Texas

The law firm of Campion & Campion, in San Antonio, Texas, represents individuals throughout the State of Texas. The Firm's attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers who have tried and who regularly attract high profile cases. On a number of occasions, the Firm's trial lawyers have been successfully retained even on the eve of trial. The Firm's criminal defense team is always tightly focused on obtaining successful bailbond results on a cost-effective basis, utilizing innovative strategies and aggressive advocacy to meet and exceed client expectations. The Firm's criminal lawyers have had great success over the years, handling high-stakes, high-profile cases and getting their client(s) out on bond as quickly as possible.

What is 'accessibility' and why is it important?

Accessibility is about making your attorney available and understandable to everyone, including clients with disabilities, clients in hospitals, clients in jail, and clients who do not speak or understand English well enough to communicate effectively.

Open access is freedom!

Freedom to share thoughts, ideas, worries about your legal problems, and to be assured of receiving the best of all possible cost-effective solutions in the quickest way possible.

An open access Attorney doesn't rely on finding out the facts in the court room, he knows about them before he gets there!