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We are a criminal defense law firm that WINS CASES! We SPECALIZE in handling criminal law cases and that makes an important difference when you have a criminal law issue. Do not trust something as valuable as your freedom, business, home, family, entire future to a law firm with an unproven track record of WINS. We have the WINS and you CAN TRUST US!




The number of criminal law cases our law firm has won is enormous and instead of trying to list all of them, we have chosen some of the more difficult , high-profile , interesting, or, outstanding wins we have had.

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  (Defendant stabbed victim in the back 15 times)--Jury found not guilty (Carrizo Springs, TX)
Murder and aggravated assault with deadly weapon. (15 year old shot in back, father shot in leg)---Jury found not guilty (Crystal City, TX)
Possession of cocaine. ( Pleaded guilty and received 18 years in prison with a different lawyer)--- Post sentencing New trial granted by Judge
Aggravated assault with deadly weapon. ( Convicted by jury with a different lawyer)--New trial granted by Judge
Federal conspiracy involving 50 kilos of cocaine.  (Convicted by jury with different lawyer)--reversed on appeal
Murder.  (Pleaded no contest, received 18 years)--reversed on appeal, dismissed on re-trial
Possession of 400 lbs cocaine.  (Convicted by jury, sentenced to life)--reversed on appeal (Gainesville, TX)
Federal Felon in Possession of Firearm--Dismissed after Judge granted defense request to reveal the confidential informant
Aggravated Robbery--Jury granted probation after a trial (Corpus Christi, TX)
Federal Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute over 5 kilos of Cocaine t--Judge sentenced to time served (2 weeks in jail) (New York City Federal Court)
Conspiracy to Possess Cocaine with intent to Distribute--Dismissed
Habitual felon charged with Family Violence Assault--Judge granted mistrial, charges subsequently dismissed
DWI- not guilty verdicts from Judges and Juries
Aggravated Sexual Assault. (Alleged rape of a mentally retarded girl)--Not guilty by Jury
Family Violence Assault. (Husband accused of beating wife)--Not guilty by jury
Possession of Marijuana. (drugs in a bag by Defendant's feet in a car)--5 minute Not guilty
Felony Criminal Mischief. (over $10,000 in damage)--Not guilty by Jury (Midland, TX)
Murder  (An eyewitness claimed he saw client execute a rival gang member and client’s cell mate detailed client’s confession to him that he did execute the rival gang member).  Jury found Not Guilty.
Aggravated Robbery With A Deadly Weapon.  (Two eye witnesses claimed client robbed them at gunpoint after leaving nightclub)  Jury found Not Guilty.
Aggravated Sexual Assault Of A Minor  (Two children detailed sexual assaults over a period of years by their father).  Jury found Not Guilty on all counts.
Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon  (Two eye witnesses, a confession, and the entire incident recorded on a 911 call).  Jury found Not Guilty as to primary complainant, Guilty of lesser offense as an innocent bystander with jury assessment of five years probation.
Sexual Assault  (Complainant alleged date rape).  Jury found Not Guilty.
Racketeering and Bribery  (Federal case against U.S. Congressman and his wife prosecuted by top trial attorney from Dept. Of Justice, Washington D.C.)  Jury found Not Guilty as to client on all counts.
Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon  (Off duty police officer positively identified client as the person who pulled a weapon on him).  No Trial and Case Dismissed.
Possession Of Methamphetamine With Intent To Distribute and Possession of Firearms In Relation To A Drug Trafficking Crime.  (Federal punishment range:  15 years to life. Search Warrant executed at clients home which produced discovery of drugs, guns and money).  Disposition – Three years probation.
Money Laundering  (Hundreds of thousands of dollars generated by massive identity theft ring).  No Trial and Case Dismissed.
Four Counts of Felony Intoxication Assault .  (Two vehicles rear ended by client. Four people airlifted to hospital).  Disposition – Client convicted of one class B misdemeanor for DWI and sentenced to two years probation.
Possession of Cocaine With Intent To Distribute.  (Federal conspiracy involving hundreds of kilos of cocaine.  Punishment range:  Ten years to Life).  Disposition – Client Sentenced to time served and released.
Manufacture Of Methamphetamine.  (Search Warrant at client’s home where Meth Lab, Meth and $21,000 cash were found.  Punishment range:  Five years to life).  Disposition – Deferred Adjudication.  Eight years probation.
Aggravated Possession With Intent To Distribute Methamphetamine and Heroin.  (Search Warrant at Client’s home discovered drugs, guns, body armor, money and stolen property.  Punishment Range:  Five years to Life on both charges).  Disposition – Eight years probation